Battling Fraud – New Zealand Steps Up The Fight

New Zealand’s insurance industry has launched a fraud-fighting bureau to prevent crimes estimated to cost insurers up to NZ$614m a year. The Insurance Fraud Bureau New Zealand (IFB) will provide a central point of contact, take a lead on education, develop multi-agency relationships and offer an industry wide co-ordinated approach and greater scale in addressing […]

The attractions of co-working… Who does it and why do it?

According to, around 326 ‘unicorn’ companies populated the world at the end of May 2019, with 119 new ones coming online since January 2018. Coined by venture capitalist Aileen Lee to represent the rarity of such successful ventures, the term ‘unicorn’ refers to startups having a valuation of $1.4 billion or more – nothing […]

Professional Indemnity Turmoil Set To Persist

According to insurance broker Aon, securing professional indemnity cover will remain tough for building certifiers and other high-risk professionals as insurers look to cut their losses a new report says. Insurers lost $1.03 for every $1 in premium earned the broker said, citing statistics from the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority. Aon added that with limited […]

Energy Market Shake-Up

Is “Shake-Up” too strong a phrase to describe the pending changes underway in Australia’s energy markets? Let’s recap on these changes beginning with the electricity market, followed by gas market: 1. ISP AEMO has struggled to deliver the Integrated System Plan (ISP) for 2019 and consequently re-named the delayed document to ISP 2019/20 with a […]

Space Station flexible offices a great option for both companies and sole traders

Procurement Australasia’s Space Station flexible office spaces in Melbourne and Sydney are a great option for companies’ and sole traders’ needs for cost effective, adaptable office space in terms of both technology and size. As demand for flexible office space grows to meet business’s changing needs as they swell and shrink in line with industry […]

Dash Cams – Increasing numbers using footage for claims

The number of drivers using dash cam footage to help with insurance claims has soared by 92% over the last 2 years according to a new survey by Allianz Australia. Allianz says more than 20% of Australian drivers are recording their car trips, with a sharp increase in popularity in the past year and that […]

The 7 questions you should ask about your organisation’s insurance

1. How confident are you that your insurance program offers the broadest coverage that mirrors your insurable risk profile? 2. How do you know your insurance broker is acting in your best interests and not acting as the agent of insurers? 3. When was the last time your insurance broker undertook an insurance risk profiling […]

Drought conditions in Australia affecting power prices

Droughts have impacted eastern Australia leading to rural communities facing significant water shortages, creating stresses on the farming community, and increasing the risk of bushfires as evident by the recent bushfires in Queensland and northern NSW. Did you know that drought conditions also affect summer power prices? The Bureau of Meteorology studies has shown temperatures […]

Persistent Dry, Warm Spell Worsens Bushfire Risk

According to the latest Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) seasonal report large swathes of the east coast face above normal bushfire risk as the dry and warm conditions show no signs of abating. The areas facing severe danger include regions in Queensland and NSW that are already struggling with the ongoing drought […]

Co-working flexible-office spaces are the way of the future.

The last five years have seen an enormous take-up of co-working spaces in markets across the world. It’s an innovative trend creating more united teams than ever before and has effectively revolutionised the way we now do business. Research shows that more co-working spaces were leased in Australia in 2018 than the previous three years […]