The Indigenous Business sub brand of Procurement Australia explores the organic shapes and symbols found within traditional Aboriginal artworks.The colours injects warmth and life into the business whilst celebrating the diversity of Aboriginal culture.

Indigenous & Government Procurement Engagement

Since launching our Indigenous Procurement Policy in 2017, Procurement Australasia continues to develop and strengthen its relationship with the Indigenous business community.
Securing membership of Supply Nation for both Procurement Australia and Church Resources brands, and preparing future strategies to support Supply Nation members secure more quality business across local Government and the not-for-profit sectors.
Working with our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island members towards membership of FACCI (First Australians Chamber of Commerce & Industry).
Developing our business model to work within the Federal Government's Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) framework to assist our Indigenous partners understand how to best access the Commonwealth's annual multi-billion dollar procurement spend and assist in driving demand for Indigenous goods and services.
The inclusion of DCFM Blue Sky Constructions into our FAcilities Maintenance offer to members as a fully IPP-compliant business delivering routin and emergency maintenance on a national scale to our members.

Shining Knight Indigenous Services

2008/0837 - Defined Facilities Management Services & Products - Cleaning & Property Contract

Now available to Procurement Australia members taking advantage of 2008-0837 – Defined Facilities Management Services & Products – Cleaning & Property contract, is Shining Knight Indigenous Services, established in 2014 and a division of Melbourne-based property management group, Shining Knight Facility Services, winner of the 2015 National Australian Achiever Awards for Excellence in Customer Service.

A chance phone call from Shining Knight managing director, Arthur Calcatjicos – who was looking for indigenous staff to service a WA contract – to Dean Wynne, owner/director of WA-based Noongar company, Indigenous Work About, brought the two companies together in June 2014. As Arthur explains it, “Dean had a team of indigenous people looking for work but had no business experience or history.

“I realised that Dean had the indigenous pieces and I had the company structure and history and, together, these pieces completed the jigsaw.  I flew Dean over to Melbourne straight away. We clicked and realised we wanted to achieve the same outcomes so we began the joint venture.”

Initially named Indigenous Commercial Services Pty Ltd,Shining Knight Indigenous Services (SKIS) is 51% owned by Dean and 49% by Arthur, and delivers high quality industrial services WA, SA, NSW and Victoria, including in rural and remote areas. In the first instance, Shining Knight’s own indigenous employee, Glenn Polner, filled in for Dean for first 12 months as 51% JV partner while Dean attended to some family matters.

Shining Knight Indigenous Services draws on the 20 years’ experience of Shining Knight to provide high quality services in cleaning, maintenance, security, hygiene, waste management, recycling management, grounds and garden maintenance, and an online shop. The venture’s major aim is to create sustainable opportunities for indigenous people through training, employment and encouragement, to nurture indigenous Australians along the path to achieving personal and professional success.

With the inclusion of Arthur Calcatjicos and Shining Knight, the division’s total services offer is broadened to include commercial cleaning, waste management, pest control, maintenance, hygiene and washroom services, and security and enjoys, through the Shining Knight brand, associations with all major private companies as well as being a preferred supplier for local, state and federal government organisations.

In all, Shining Knight Indigenous Services engages the services of four contractors employing a total of 23 indigenous staff, and has 16 of its own indigenous employees servicing a mix of Federal Government, construction and land management contracts. Shining Knight’s key target market is commercial buildings.

Its senior front-line team, directed by Dean Wynne, is composed of multi-skilled tradesmen including qualified painters and decorators, boiler makers/welders, certified and experienced asbestos management personnel, truck drivers, and HR personnel and trainers, backed by the management services of Melbourne-based Shining Knight.

These skills allow for a range of projects, including house renovations, metal fabrication and repairs to metal structures such as machinery, cyclone fencing and pipelines, and industrial and domestic painting work. The team also has experience in rural and agricultural work, including pine pruning, Blue Gum plantation management, weed eradication, and native seed collection.

All Shining Knight staff undertake a Certificate II in their professional field and all people in the company undergo training that covers indigenous people and their beliefs and history so that they can be empathetic and have an understanding when dealing with people not normally encountered in their day to day lives.

Arthur and Dean are excited about being included as a supplier to Procurement Australia’s 2008-0837 – Defined Facilities Management Services & Products – Cleaning & Property contract. It is a mixed feeling; excitement about being a supplier but just cautious about how much work we will actually win from it. I guess only cautious until we win some work then that will turn to excitement I am sure,” Arthur said.

“Our aim is to grow it in all areas possible and give an opportunity of work to areas or people who may be overlooked in normal hiring practices.”

In commenting on his personal experience since joining with Dean back in 2014, Arthur elaborated, “When I first started the business I wanted to learn all about the culture and day to day lives of the people I wanted to give opportunities to.

“I came across a 7-year old boy in a community outside Bunbury, WA and asked what he did for fun, to which he replied ‘chase lizards, play with my brothers in the river and listen to stories at night. Don’t all boys do that where you live?’ he asked.

“That’s when I really felt the need to get to know the people from all countries all around Australia and not only learn from them but be able to teach them something and provide an opportunity to them as well.”

To find out more fill out our contact form below or visit the Shining Knight website.

Procurement Australia Furniture & Indigenous Employment provider supplier Winya in profile

Established in 2015 by chairman, Debbie Barwick, supported by director, Greg Welsh, majority Indigenous-owned Winya (“sit now” in Wiradjuri dialect) is a Procurement Australia Furniture Suppliers Panel Member providing high quality commercial furniture and design and fit-out services for offices needing to accommodate up to 200.
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Winya also promotes Indigenous employment in partnership with the Australian furniture industry, and works with remote communities and on prison training programs. It also has a new recycling program where wood from old furniture will be recycled into new products.
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Winya has been purposely set up as a sophisticated, well-organised business able to supply large clients and to manage the workflows and communications needed on large projects.
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Its business model is unique. Its furniture and other products are produced by leading Australian furniture manufacturers who, through its contracts, employ Indigenous trainees and apprentices. Also unique are Winya’s relationships with remote communities, such as Arnhem Land, which provide timbers not available elsewhere, and Aboriginal artists whose designs feature on furniture fabrics.
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Winya can supply both premium, craftsman-made furniture pieces and the highest quality workstations, sit stand desking and commercial furniture, and seating manufactured in each state. Full installation and fit-out are provided through its Supply Nation member partners and Indigenous owned fit-out companies.
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This all adds up to Winya being a stand out supplier, a reputation bolstered in October 2017 through two sustainability awards - it won both the Banksia Foundation Sustainability Award for Indigenous Leadership and the Award for best sustainable product at the prestigious Building Industry Sustainability Awards for its Arnhem custom timber chair range.
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A Supply Nation Partner, certified ISO 9001 Quality Assurance company, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System practitioner, member of the First Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FACCI) and the NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, Winya has a dedicated staff of 10 with installation teams in each capital city and national capability. A fully-serviced showroom opens in Melbourne mid-2018 and its Redfern, Sydney office will move to a purpose-designed 300 sq. m. showroom in April.
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A Profit for Purpose business, Winya is a Certified B Corporation using its business to solve social and environmental problems, and doesn’t receive Government funding. Its projects have spanned the country from Exmouth on the west coast through Alice Springs in Central Australia, and north, east and south to Cairns, Brisbane and Geelong.
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To find out more about contact us or visit Winya’s Website

New Start

2102/0838 - Defined Facilities Management - Maintenance Services Contract

New supplier to Procurement Australia’s 2102/0838 Defined Facilities Management – Maintenance Services contract is New Start, a 100% indigenous-owned national services company with a strong focus on improving indigenous employment outcomes.

Working with its proprietary DIGIT-V shared values of Diversity & Inclusion, Going the extra mile Innovation, Teamwork, Value for self & others, New Start strives to leave a sustained, positive footprint in the communities and broader economies in which it operates.

Established in 2011, rom humble beginnings but with a clear vision and focus, by ex-rugby league athlete Daniel Phillips, New Start was launched as a recruitment and labour hire company to create employment opportunities for indigenous people and communities.

“New Start works from the basis that every effort should be made to ensure indigenous people are not subject to continuing chronic under-representation in Australia’s labour market, and has committed itself to making a significant difference in this vital area of economic and social equality,” managing director, Daniel Phillips says.

“Our goal is to leave a sustained positive footprint in the communities in which we operate by improving indigenous social, health and employment outcomes. And, we want to be the supplier of choice for our clients, and the employer of choice for our staff, adopting a holistic approach to an inspired future,” he said.

Supplier to Procurement Australia members
New Start is a now provider of maintenance services to Procurement Australia around Australia in the areas of management, plumbing, carpentry, electrical, HVAC, painting and handyman services.

Daniel said, “Our Business Services Divisions are excited about being a supplier to Procurement Australia members. This opportunity represents a wonderful platform to increase our supply of trade services and maintenance services to local governments nationally, as well as to other Procurement Australia members.

“We embrace the opportunity to increase local employment outcomes through the provision of jobs that benefit the individual communities, both indigenous and non-indigenous, as well as supporting other local businesses which provide services to those who engage us,” he said.

New Start has a national footprint providing services to local, state and Commonwealth government departments as well as some of Australia’s largest employers and well-known brands, and has diversified and expanded its service offerings to include trade services, maintenance, construction, civil and rail services, mining & energy, oil, gas & renewables, traffic management, landscaping and cleaning services, hospitality and health.

Currently, New Start has around 450 indigenous staff as part of its national workforce, a number that is growing every year. Phillips considers this outcome would not have been possible without the genuine support and commitment of over 50 large employers – clients – Australia-wide.

New Start’s specialist Indigenous Services Division’s indigenous engagement team provides support to Aboriginal-identified job seekers to gain meaningful employment opportunities with Aboriginal-identified positions, and works with some of Australia’s largest employers to assist them achieve RAP Targets for indigenous employment outcomes.

New Start has a key focus in the area of community engagement, including partnership programs and local community-based initiatives in the areas in which operateand provide services, benefitting and supporting each community. This could be through sponsorship of junior sporting teams, provision of uniforms and footwear to local sporting clubs, local mentoring programs, supporting disadvantaged community members by paying for car registrations so they can get to work, purchasing equipment needed to perform their trade, or financial and in-kind support of local community-based organisations or groups, and not-for-profits.

“I feel grateful to the large organisations we work with, who warmly welcome me for a chat, and whose leadership team embrace our company’s vision, demonstrate a genuine desire to work with New Start and genuine satisfaction for the service we deliver, and who have a true belief and commitment in what we’re working towards achieving,” commented Daniel.

“Before going into business, and as a professional rugby league athlete, I spent some time mentoring young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids in the juvenile justice system on the consequences of choice. This was an amazing experience as, although I have always been proud of my Aboriginal heritage, mentoring these young kids made me curious as to why the cultural wounding still existed, arriving at a new understanding and appreciation of the disadvantages and challenges Australia’s indigenous people still faced.

“The result was that I wanted to help facilitate real, tangible and meaningful change in the lives of indigenous communities, positively impacting future indigenous lifecycles, and ultimately leading to an inter-generational healing of wounds,” he said.

“For me, a job provides an opportunity for self-reflection. An opportunity to ask ‘is what you’re doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow?’  So, the right job for the right individual highlights strengths and not weaknesses, and will complement an organisation’s culture.”

New Start has strong partnerships with large organisations and Government Departments at Local, State and Commonwealth level across Australia.  Its clients cover a diverse range of industries including:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Administration, Office Support & Call Centre
  • Advertising, Media & Entertainment
  • Construction, Civil & Rail
  • Education & Training
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain/Logistics
  • Farming, Animals & Conservation
  • Government (Local, State & Federal)
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Resources & Recruitment
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining, Resources & Energy
  • Sales
  • Trade Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Landscaping
  • Cleaning
  • Traffic Management
  • Science & Technology

To find out more contact us on the form below or visit the New Start website.


Australia's first majority Indigenous owned debt recovery enterprise

1911/0631 - Debt Collections & Legal Services

Boomerang Debt Recovery is Australia’s first majority Indigenous owned and managed debt recovery enterprise and is now available to Procurement Australia members through the 1911/0631 – Debt Collection & Legal Services contract.

A member of Executive Collections, a leading debt recovery company operating successfully since 1987, and for local governments since 1991, Boomerang Debt Recovery was established in 2017 as a joint venture between James Carroll’s Eaglehawk Management Group Pty Ltd and Frank Fodor’s Stydall Pty Ltd, parent company of Executive Collections.

James suggested establishing Boomerang Debt Recovery under Executive Collections’ umbrella after having worked in collaboration with Frank over several years as a consultant in business improvement, strategy and commercial activities.

Boomerang Debt Recovery clients are quite diverse, ranging from corporate and not for profit to local, state and commonwealth government agencies.

“We are committed to offering a fair and ethical approach to debtors whilst ensuring results for creditors,” says James, a Boorooberongal man of the Darug and Boomerang Debt Recovery Managing Director, MBA graduate from the Sydney Graduate School of Management and a Master of International Business (MIB) – University of Western Sydney.

“Our vision is to be the Australian ‘collection agency of choice’ by exemplifying excellence and demonstrating integrity and character in our business affairs, incorporating a process of continual improvement and delivering a unique customer value proposition at the same time.”

Dedicated to Indigenous economic advancement and capacity building, James is a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders (FIML) and Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (GAICD) and views his role in Boomerang Debt Recovery as one of economic stewardship.James is a member of Supply Nations Indigenous Advisory Group.

“The future of Australia’s First Peoples advancement will be greatly benefited by applying a strategic investment and entrepreneurial mindset in addressing disadvantage, as opposed to deploying resources targeting symptoms alone,” he said.

“Indigenous procurement policies of the Government and corporates are having a positive impact, accelerating growth in both the number of Indigenous business beneficiaries and the value of Indigenous goods and services transacted.

“So, programs and resources that support entrepreneurialism, governance, financial literacy and a greater emphasis on education attainment are key to betterment and we welcome the opportunity to participate across federal, state, local and commercial procurement programs targeted at closing the gap for Indigenous Australians,” he said.

Boomerang Debt Recovery prefers to engage an Australian workforce, avoiding need to send debt recovery operations offshore across the Asia Pacific Region, a strategy that differentiates it significantly from many of its competitors.

It has developed an Indigenous employment policy with the aim to build capacity and, according to James, the Indigenous talent pipeline is growing, and an entrepreneurial investment mindset is the catalyst for sustainable change.

Being included as a supplier on Procurement Australia’s 1911/0631 – Debt Collection & Legal Services contract is a great boon for Boomerang and, since then, the company has also been successful with the Queensland Local Buy, Debt Recovery Services tender.

James said: “Winning both Procurement Australia and Local Buy tenders are key success milestones in Boomerang Debt Recovery’s short history.

“Being contacted by government agencies and leading banks to enter into conversations with them is also encouraging and confirms our motivation to enter a market that is quite competitive by nature.

“These successes signify that Boomerang is recognised as being highly competitive nationally and feedback has been very positive in relation to our ability to provide a position of competitive advantage.

“Our competitive pricing, unique service offering and being Australian owned and operated business has afforded us well and will continue to deliver us successful outcomes for all stakeholders.

“We are proud that we refuse to offshore debt recovery operations in an effort to reduce costs.We provide a service that is customer centric, service orientated made management decision, not to expose client customers/debtors to offshore operations,” he said.

Boomerang Debt Recovery maintains ISO 9001 and AS/NZS 4801 certifications, assuring its Quality Management and Occupational Health and Safety (WHS) systems, and is currently in the process of final certification for the ISO 27001: 2013 for the provision of debt collection, scheduling legal action, recoveries, skip tracing, scheduling process serving and credit reporting servicing local government, government agencies and commercial accounts.

Services offered by Boomerang Debt Recovery include:

  • Debt Recovery – Commercial and Government
  • Legal Recovery
  • Skip Tracing
  • Credit Reporting
  • Rural Services

To find out more contact us on the form below or visit the Boomerang Debt Recovery website.

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